Frequently Asked Questions


Q:How do I obtain a quote?
A:                                                  Phone: 914-631-7778
Fax: 914-631-7779

  1. What type of item do you want?  (t-shirt, sweatshirt, coffee mug, etc.)
  2. How many do you want?
  3. What color(s)?
  4. Which type/style do you want? (ie: 50/50 Poly/Cotton, 100% Cotton 14 oz Ceramic Coffee Mug?
  5. How many imprints and where do you want them?  (front, back or both)
  6. How many colors in each imprint?  (ie.: 1 color front, 2 color back)
  7. What format is your artwork?

If you have any questions or need additional information, please include it in your correspondence.


Q: What steps are necessary to place an order?


  1. Obtain a quote.
  2. Gather your camera-ready artwork (hard copy or computer files)
  3. Forward your artwork to Print This!, Inc. We examine the artwork for suitability and work with you to get the best image possible.
  4. We send you a confirmation detailing the job.
  5. You forward a deposit, as outlined on the confirmation, in the form of check or money order.
  6. We print and ship your order C.O.D. for balance of invoice.


Q:  What is the minimum?

A:  For T-Shirts:

The minimum for a 1-color imprint is 12 pieces.
The minimum for a 2-color imprint is 24 pieces.
The minimum for a 3-color imprint is 36 pieces.
The minimum for a 4-color imprint is 48 pieces.
The minimum for a 4-color process imprint is 500 pieces.
The minimum for 5 or more colors imprint is 500 pieces.
For Other Items:  see item description or call or email for details.


Q: Do I have to order in multiples of 12?

A:  No. You can order any number you want, as long as it is at least the minimum quantity.


Q:  Do I have to order all the same size?

A:  No. You may order as many or as few of each size as you need.


Q:  Does it cost extra to order different color shirts?

A:  If the imprint color(s) remains the same on all the shirts then there is no charge. But if we have to change the ink color (i.e. Black shirts with White ink and White shirts with Black ink) there is a $10 color change charge per change NOT per shirt.


Q:  What’s better 100% cotton or 50/50 (poly/cotton)?

A:  Neither is BETTER, per se. It is mostly just a matter of personal taste. But for you, one may be a better – or smarter – value.

100% cotton certainly has a higher connotation of quality. Simply put — some people just like it and think it’s worth more money. Some feel that cotton is more breathable making it more comfortable in warmer environments. But remember, cotton (even pre-shrunk which most shirts are) does shrink. And cotton wrinkles.
50/50 GENERALLY runs a little less money per shirt. It is still quite comfortable in warmer environments. 50/50 garments don’t shrink as much. They don’t wrinkle as much. And they even have better color fastness.


Q:  What is a screen setup charge?

A:  For T-Shirts

We actually use screens to print your shirts. We must make one screen for each color and for each location.
The screen setup charge is a one time fee. If you reorder the same print without any changes, within 12 months of your last order, we do not charge you.  We guarantee holding your screen for 12 months from the date of your last order.

Web Special! – 20% off screen setup charges – only $20 each (reg. $25).


For Other Items:  See Item Description, call or email for details.

Q:  What is “camera-ready” artwork?

A:  Camera-ready artwork means that it is ready to go; requiring no touch-up. The artwork which you furnish us is “shoot and go”. It is CLEAN, Black & White artwork. It should not be folded or creased. It should be no less than 50% and no more than 200% of the desired imprint size

Acceptable forms of camera-ready artwork are:
1. Stat
2. Black & White Ink drawing
3. Film positive
4. Clean output from a laser jet printer

Multicolor artwork should be separated (one piece for each color) with appropriately placed registration marks, plus a composite.

Artwork containing halftones must be supplied as film positives, to size with a line screen no higher than 35 LPI.
Artwork may be submitted electronically. Preferred file formats are Adobe Illustrator (.ai) or PDF.  Acceptible formates are Adobe Photoshop (.psd), TIFF, JPEG each with a minimum of 300 DPI resolution.  Colors must be separated to layers.  All fonts must be converted to outlines or rasterized.  Call with any questions.

If you are unsure about your artwork just send us an email or fax it to us and we’ll let you know if it is usable.


Q: Can you create artwork from my idea?
A:  We have a large clip art library.  Chances are we have an image to suit your needs including trademarks and logos.

If we create new art or extensive modifications to existing artwork is necessary,   this work will be charged at $45 per hour.


Q: What form of payment do you accept?
A:  Currently we accept Cash, Checks, Money Orders, Visa, Mastercard and American Express.


Q: Why can’t I print T-shirts myself?
A:  Screen printing is a commercial process.  It requires knowledge of fabric, ink and how to manipulate artwork properly for the printing process. It also requires the proper tools and equipment.
Have you ever seen someone wearing a printed garment that was in shreds but the print was still on the garment?  That is because a professional screen printer printed the design.  The garment will give out before the design.


Q: What kind of ink do you use on the T-Shirts?
A:  We use plastisol and some water based inks.  These inks adhere to the garment very well and maintain their colors for a long time.


Q: What types of garments do you use?

A:  Hanes, Jerzees by Russell, Anvil, Gildan Fruit of the Loom, American Apparel are just a very few brands we carry.


Q: How do you ship orders?
A:  We ship via United Parcel Service (UPS) Ground Service; Expedited (Rush) delivery is available upon request for an additional charge.
UPS does not deliver to Post Office Boxes (PO Box).


Q: If I don’t like it, can I return it?
A:  Custom printed and embroidered garments and Promotional Products may not be returned.
Blank (non printed) merchandise may be returned with prior authorization.


Q:  Do the garments shrink?
A:  All garments shrink. Some shrink more than others.
Cotton garments are usually labeled as “Pre-shrunk” but the will still shrink a little.
50/50 garments will shrink less than a 100% cotton garment.
We have extensive experience with the garments we sell.  When you choose a garment, we can tell you how roughly how much it will shrink and help you choose sizes accordingly.


Q:  What is “tuckability”?
A:  “Tuckability” is a term we like to use to describe how a shirt will stay tucked in your pants.  It is affected by the cut of the garment (length), the fabric knit,  and the way the shirt will shrink.
Tuckability is affected over time because some garments shrink up and some shrink sideways.  When you choose a garment, we can usually tell you how the tuckability is affected by repeated washing.


Q: Do you have shirts with characters/sports teams on it?
A:  No. All of our work is custom.  This means we do not pre-print shirts.  We do not print shirts for individual sale.  We also do not print copyrighted designs, logos or characters such as Disney or other characters.


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