Custom Video


Nothing Tells Your Story and Motivates People Like VIDEO!

And now … you can have yours produced for free and without any work on your part!
Here’s how …

We recently launched a “Try it, Then Buy it” video production campaign!

Our producers will visit your existing website to pull content and photos to produce your About Us video.  We write the script; you review it.   Then you will receive your video for review.  If you like it, you can purchase the video for as little as $195.  Plus, we will make any final edits you request.  We will also provide you with a Video Marketing Guide as part of the purchase, to help you make the most of this exciting and powerful new tool!

Your video can be used in…

  • Your existing website
  • Your crowdfunding page and campaign
  • To promote your next event
  • In Social Media postings
  • In emails and newsletters
  • On YouTube (the number one Social Network today)

Here’s why video is so important…

  • Video causes websites to naturally rank higher!
    • Adding video improves your Search Engine Optimization.
    • Your video will naturally bring you better and more traffic.
  • 70% of the time websites or email is opened on a mobile device
    • Users prefer video to text.
    • If they do not see a video, they will move onto another site.
  • Crowdfunding sites with video produce 4 times better than sites without video
  • People stay on websites with video 7 times longer
  • Only 20% of people will read text today but 80% will watch video
  • Social Media postings with video convert 300% better

Here’s how to get your free “Try it, Then Buy it” video…



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